Why am I standing beneath a picture of Doc Emmet Brown at the NodeCopter conference?


the hardest thing when looking at "next" stuff is that you're stuck between two bad options

either you cover stuff that's recent (already shipping) in which case most of the audience has already seen crazy demos

or you go so far into the future that you're not talking about anything real ("ooh, look at WebGL 6!")

and predicting the future is hard

so I'm going to try to discuss only things that either you can use but are still very new, or that you can't use just yet but that relate to problems you already know

Flying Cars

FlyingWeb Cars

HTML Speech

// Provide a notification upon download
// completion for one of those many Linux
// ISOs we get thanks to BitTorrent
var utter = new SpeechSynthesisUtterance();
utter.text = "Linux ISO torrent complete";
// language becomes important
utter.lang = "en-GB";

i18n. Try reading a web site with bad language identification, and weep

What it brings

fixing that fixes accessibility: yeah!

so all in all, new territory that helps us all write better stuff for the good of all — a bit like mobile already did


Home Networking

Discovery API

Anything including stuff like Arduino, ZigBee, that can control anything. Think about extending your Roomba. The technical barriers are actually relatively low here.

NodeCopter was an example of this.



Alarm, Contacts, Messaging, Telephony, Sockets, Bluetooth, Browser, Calendar, Device Capabilities, Idle, Media Storage, Network Interface, Secure Element, System Settings APIs, queue Star Wars flying text…



Semantic Web!!!1

And More!


if you want to talk about HTML, just grab me!

Thank you!