A Fresh Specification-Writing Tool

Robin Berjon


Why a new spec-writing tool?

Really, man, why?

What's good about it?

it's my baby


How a web developer creates a document

or "How sausages are made"


How most spec-writing tools work

Too much information about sausages


How ReSpec.js approaches this issue

Make Your Editors 33% more efficient!!!!!1


How does it work?

all pretty on the inside

But, so, what does it do?

Simple configuration generates oodles of HTML

I love the word "oodles"

          var respecConfig = {
              specStatus:           "RSCND",
              shortName:            "sexy-spec",
              previousPublishDate:  "1977-03-15",
              previousMaturity:  "REC",
              edDraftURI:           "",
              extraCSS:             ["../../../2009/dap/ReSpec.js/css/respec.css"],
              editors:  [
                  { name: "Robin Berjon", url: "",
                    company: "Vodafone", companyURL: "" },
              wg:           "Best Ever WG",
              wgURI:        "",
              wgPublicList: "public-coolness",
              wgPatentURI:  "",

Pretty much writes the spec for you

Less boilerplate, more time for beer


Sections and ToC

structured so you don't have to be

RFC 2119 is not OPTIONAL

the next version has EXTERMINATE


Pointing fingers

Nice Little Extras

Sugar and Unicorns

WebIDL Support

for thems API geeks

interface Unicorn: Cryptid, Mammal {
    Dahut convertToDahut(in boolean chirality) raises IsInvisibleException;

WebIDL Support (bis)

it's addictive

But then you start wanting more...


just to pretend I'm unbiased

Ongoing & Future Work

more magic, more of the time

Where to get it

sorry about the dated URI

Where it's used

satisfied customers