Robin Berjon

The Missing Links

Don't Make Me Think (About Linked Data)

I've long been very much in love with the semantic web vision. Or at least, that's what I've been telling myself. I really like the idea of having lots of data out there, with links between items, in a way that I can process. Easily. And I can't say I care whether it's branded with capital "S" & "W" or not, or whether it becomes "Linked Data" or "Data on the Web". I'm definitely not amongst the most knowledgeable on the topic, and it so happens (totally by chance) that I've only been involved with the existing fruits of this technology in relatively minor ways. But the point is: I've always been deeply fond of the idea, and I've been waiting. A lot.

The Other Prettiest Baby

Thelma Hedy Eleanor Berjon-Berthezène

3kg. 51cm. Another perfect baby.

Centre de Formatage des Entreprises

L'URSSAF, c'est magique!

J'ai déménagé. Pas vraiment récemment, non, mais comme chacun le sait, le déménagement est un de ces évènements de vie propices à faire fleurir le chaos, et en l'instance qui nous concerne ici quelques séquelles demeurent. Heureusement que nous bénéficions d'un service public fort pour nous épauler dans ces moments difficiles en nous permettant de rester focalisés sur l'innovation, la croissance, et l'inversion de la courbe du chômage. En l'occurrence, pour un indépendant comme moi, cette démarche passe par le guichet unique de l'URSSAF qui se charge de répandre l'information nouvelle là où il faut.

W3C Specifications Should Use an Open License

Go Fork and Multiply

The web standards community has been discussing using an open license for W3C standards for quite some time now. We've had a long time to look at this from quite a few angles. Having contemplated the arguments, I still feel that the fears that power the anti-forking sentiment, even though they stem from a desire to help the web, are both unfounded and powerfully counter-productive. Further, I believe that the world has changed a lot since the W3C Document License came into effect — and with the Proposed Permissive Copyright Experiment in HTML Working Group now is a good time to take this evolution into account.