Robin Berjon

We Don't Have To Put Up With Broken Search

Fixing Search

Two side architectural drawings of a modern building, with cats

Search on the web, for most people, has become a deplorable experience. It is such a key function that it can feel unfixable, but by treating search as an architectural component of the web (which it effectively is) and working our way through the issues it creates, we can define an alternative that is both realistic and superior.

Don't impale yourself on the tipping point

Decent Imaginaries

Desert vista with a gradient effects going from black-and-white and grainy on the left to highly saturated colours on the right, including a bright blue sky.

The digital sphere appears to be at an inflection point and we need to imagine what comes next as this era rots and burns. Imagining a renewed, decentralised world is difficult, but we can pull it off.

Cambrian Governance

The Internet Transition

A trilobite

The Internet is allowing us to build a richer, more complex society but the way in which we Internet today is failing to support the governance systems that a more complex world requires. I take a look at why these issues are related, try to develop an intuition for a way forward, and point at the emerging field that is coming together to build that future.