Robin Berjon

Cease & Desist

A Boilerplate for Everything

It's always good to stat the year with a little humour. It's cold and damp outside, the new year party was a disappointment despite you not expecting anything from it, and, if you're me, you went to Spain on vacation and never one to go without having tried local world-renowned specialties you came back with a nasty strain of influenza. All in all, it's a good moment for some cheering up.

Like beauty, love, and designer chairs, new year cheering up can come in unexpected shapes. Mine was in an email gracefully titled NOTICE OF TRADEMARK INFRINGEMENT FOR THE MARK "BOILERPLATE". I won't withhold it from you much longer except to note:

Here goes:

Dear Mr. Robin Berjon:

We are giving you notice that you are infringing on our registered trademark "BOILERPLATE" by providing software product identified as "HTML5 Boilerplate" on your web site,

We demand that you cease and desist the use of our registered mark "Boilerplate" immediately, so that no further trademark infringement, losses and damages are caused to us.

The trademark BOILERPLATE was first used in September 27, 1993 and first used in commerce by BBP Software on January 1, 1994. BBP Software and the registered trade mark BOILERPLATE is owned by Bruno Borello. The Trade Mark Registration Number is: 2,343,160; Registered on April 18, 2000.

Our Address:
BBP Software
BoilerPlate Budgeting Software
Bruno Borello, President
1818 Gilbreth Road, Suite 200
Burlingame, CA 94010

Our web site

If you fail to cease and desist the use of our registered mark "BOILERPLATE" immediately, we will pursue legal action against you for losses and damages caused to us.


Bruno Borello, President
BBP Software

Oh, and feel free to visit their great website!