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SVG Boilerplate alpha

Many of you are likely to be familiar with HTML5 Boilerplate. If not, I encourage you to check it out, it's a very useful template to bootstrap any HTML5 page you may wish to produce. It includes a number of tricks and best practices that you probably want to use, or at the very least be aware of. One of its most useful parts is that it includes a number of shims that help produce HTML that works pretty much everywhere. I was using it the other day, and though Hey, wouldn't it be nice if we had the same for SVG?

And now we do. Well sorta. It's alpha, ultra-alpha, not production-ready, and it hasn't been properly tested. But I like to release early, and if possible often. You can go check out SVG Boilerplate which has all the details. The code will likely see some drastic improvements over the next few weeks as quite a few things could certainly be improved. But if you want to play with it (and better: test it) then please do!

Also note that it's designed to work well with HTML5 Boilerplate, and not duplicate it. If you want the functionality of both together, you can simply cut and paste as indicated in the source. Feedback welcome!